TNT Resistance Bands Set


Our new custom TNT bands are great for on the go workouts. If you don’t have access to a gym or weights, these bands are the fix. Nothing can target muscles as effective than these bands. These bands are magic. Workout from home.

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Grab our new set of  TNT resistance bands to use at home or anywhere else you want.

There are different types of Resistance Bands. The most common (and best) types are the flat, resistance bands which are also known as strength bands or exercise bands.

They come in different widths. The thicker the width of the band, the more resistance it provides and equally, the harder it is to use.

Resistance bands start at level 1 and go right up to level 6. They are all the same length, however the level 1 resistance band is easier to stretch. This means it’s more suited to exercises that require a greater range of movement. And it’s also slightly easier to use so ideal for anyone who is just starting out.

Moving up the levels, they get harder and harder to stretch out. Until you reach level 6, which provides the most amount of resistance and is the most difficult to stretch.

It also provides the most counter balance. So, if you’re using resistance bands to support your weight while doing something like assisted pull ups, the level 6 band is a great one to opt for if you’re just starting out.

They are made from rubber and can be looped round gym equipment such as a rack or a stand, or simply used on their own.

They can be knotted to make them smaller – this can help when targeting your lower body. Or you can use your feet to stretch and anchor the band, to suit your height and ability.

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